Bug reports engineers love

Users click a record button in your web app and you get a screencast with logs & errors.

Screencasts users actually send

Can you download a chrome extension, record your issue, and send us a link to the video?
Can you log in and click the "Record a Bug" button?

Technical info engineers need

Can you hop on a Zoom call where I awkwardly ask you to open up dev tools and click on all kinds of stuff?
I'm good to go. This Marvy link has everything I need.

Get time back to get more done

Crystal clear bug reports

Software products are visual. Text-only bug reports are bad. Make engineers happy with video.

One-click screencasts

Stop asking users to install stuff. Drop in a few lines of code. Get a lovely record button in your app.

Fun for the whole family

Marvy is built for teams. Product managers. QA. Engineers. Support. All can create or watch bug reports.

Technical info included

Less calls asking users to open up dev tools. Screencasts include logs, errors, and system info.

Works with the tools you use

Try Marvy on your next bug

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